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Dream Plan Travel: Three Steps in Taking Your Next Vacation

You work hard and want to take some time from work. Great! Where will you go? What type of activities do you want to participate in? How much time do you have for a vacation? You have a lot of questions to answer! Don’t get discouraged. Planning your vacation can be fun! “Anticipation of pleasure is a pleasure in itself”. There’s nothing like counting down the days towards your upcoming vacation! I’m going to assist you with three steps in planning and taking your next vacation!

1. Dream. In this step, I want you to think about all the destinations that you’ve ever wanted to visit. Think about what intrigues you about each of these destinations. What about these destinations makes you want to visit? Out of all the destinations, I want you to list your top three that you want to visit. Next, you will narrow the list down to one destination that you can realistically visit within six months to one year.

2. Plan. In this step, you are going to plan your vacation. Now that you have determined where you are going, you will need to conduct some research on this destination. How will you get there? Does your chosen destination require a passport or a visa? What type of activities will you participate in? Is the purpose of your vacation relaxation, adventure, or a little bit of both? You will need to establish a budget. Here are a few things to consider: daily budget for food/drinks if you aren’t staying at an all-inclusive property or going on a cruise. Transportation to and from the airport and around the city, entertainment/excursions, and keepsakes/souvenirs. Another thing to budget for is emergencies. If you are taking a road trip, you should set aside a certain amount of money to assist with potential emergencies with your car. You should also set funds aside for legal and medical emergencies. Once you’ve established your budget, choose the date that you want to travel and begin working towards that goal. Determine how much money you need to save each month to travel by your chosen date. If working with a travel agent, you may even have the option to make monthly payments. Apps like Hopper can be used to track your flight and advise on the best time to purchase your flight at the cheapest rate. Sites like Airfordable allow you to make monthly payments on your flight. Trip advisor is a great resource to get reviews on hotel properties, restaurants, etc. Don’t rule out Groupon! It can be a great way to save money on activities that you want to participate in while traveling!

3. You’ve created your dream travel list.

You’ve established your budget.

You’ve conducted research or consulted a travel agent.

You have your travel date.

Last step?? BOOK THE TRIP!!!!!!!!

· Be sure to get some rest or relax on at least one of your vacation days.

· Leave one day open with no pre-planned activities. Plan something once you’ve reached your destination.

· Take plenty of pictures.

· Make time to journal about your trip once you return.


I have created a tool that is perfect for you to assist you in planning your travel. The Travel Designer! There is a section to record your dream travel list, a section for your budget, and a section to journal about your trip!! The Designer allows you to record up to seven trips!! The Designer is perfect for planning multiple trips at one time. It's a wonderful resource as it has information about passports and visas, inspirational travel quotes, a place to record all your frequent user program numbers, and so much more! Click here to purchase!

I’d love to hear about your trip that you will plan after reading this article! Share your story with me! Email me at

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