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Travel Enthusiast & Owner of Pink Sky Getaway


Hey there,

I'm Amy hill


Travelin' Jones

I’ve got a travelin’ jones...I love to travel! I was introduced to travel as a child. My father was in the military, so our family had the opportunity to not only live in another country, yet we traveled to a lot of nearby countries. I lived in Germany twice. Although I was a child, I have very vivid memories of my time spent there. I have been to France, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, and various cities in Germany. The memories from my travel as a child remain with me today and my love for travel has carried over into my adult life.

Berchtesgaden, Germany

Travel is something I will always invest in as it adds to the value of who I am and makes me a well-rounded individual. My investment in traveling yields new and wonderful experience and creates lifelong memories. I love to explore new places, meet new people, and experience new things. Because I consider it an investment, it is something I will specifically save money for to fund my adventures. My travel goal is to visit at least one new city/state each year within the US and one new country each year.

Traveling is exciting and adventurous. Traveling gives me a new perspective on how to view things because I am experiencing a new city and a new culture whether it be in the US or another country. Traveling allows me the opportunity to try new cuisines native to that city and/or country that I would have never imagined trying. I am making my dreams come true through travel.

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