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Travel Enthusiast & Owner of Pink Sky Getaway


Hey there,

I'm Amy hill


I am a Travel Agent...

I am travel agent. As a travel agent, I conduct research to create memorable travel experiences for individuals, couples, and groups. I provide a service. I am your advocate and I work to ensure that the investment you make towards your travel is fun, memorable, and protected in the event of an emergency.

I cannot always guarantee a lower price on a quote that I provide to you in comparison to something that you might find online. What I can guarantee is that you will receive the most value for the money being spent on your trip.

I take what I do as a travel agent seriously. I put a lot of time and effort into searching for the “perfect” vacation for based on the information that you provide to me. Research is time consuming, yet it is something that I absolutely love doing. I view it as a challenge to find and put together a vacation experience that you will undoubtedly love! I currently do not charge a research fee...YET!!! It is something that I plan to incorporate in the near future. Travel agents are not paid for bookings until after the client travels.

There are plenty of online search engines that allow you to book your own travel if you are seeking a “discounted” rate. If you are planning your own travel, you definitely need to order my Travel Designer. It will help you plan, budget, and journal your travels in one place! Click the link to order. Yes, this is a plug!! LOL!!

If you are seeking value, an experience based on your travel needs, someone to provide exceptional customer service, peace of mind, expertise, and time saved (from researching on your own), you should hire me to plan your upcoming travel.

Short, sweet, and to the point!! LOL! Are you ready for me to book your next vacation? Complete the client profile to get started!

I appreciate your continued support!! Follow me on social media:

Facebook: Pink Sky Dreams

Facebook Group: Pink Skies Dream Travel

Instagram: pinkskiesdreamtravel

Twitter: @psdreamsllc

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