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Pink Sky Getaway Travel Planning Services

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Thank you for choosing Pink Sky Getaway to plan your upcoming vacation! I’m so excited for you as you are about to embark on this exciting travel journey!


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  • Why do you charge a “research” fee? 
    There is a lot of time and effort placed in preparing and planning prop for our clients. The fee covers the time spent researching and curating personalized experiences for our clients. We spend time searching for the best hotels/resorts, the best flights, and the best excursions based on your vacation needs.
  • Why should I hire YOUR agency to plan my trip? 
    •You don’t like researching the various hotel options and flights. •You don’t have time to conduct research on your own. •You don’t want to conduct your own research. •You’re not really sure where or how to get started. •You don’t want to handle collecting payments from group members. •Planning and organizing a trip for a large group is overwhelming. •You desire expert advice and support.
  • What area of travel do you specialize in? 
    Pink Sky Getaway specializes in planning group cruises, honeymoons & romantic Caribbean getaways, and destination weddings in Jamaica. We also host beach & culture group trips to various locations.
  • I want to book with your agency. What happens now? 
    We are excited that you chose us and trust us to book your trip! We ask that you complete a client profile form. This form will capture the information needed to begin the process. We will have a phone consultation to discuss the form, your vacation desires, and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have. The non refundable research fee is then paid upon receipt of the invoice. A proposal will be sent to you to review. The proposal will include three properties to choose from, flight, and excursions.
  • How long do I have to make a decision to book after reviewing my proposal? 
    You will have 14 days to make a decision and put down a deposit. Pricing is not guaranteed until a deposit is made. After this timeframe, the process will start again.
  • How many destinations can I choose?
    Due to the time that it takes to conduct the research and prepare the proposal, we ask that you choose one destination when completing your client profile form.

Meet the owner & Travel enthusiast, Amy Hill


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