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Don't Book Without it...

Picture this: You’ve booked your dream vacation; it’s been paid in full and you are days away from departure. Then the unexpected happens. You have an emergency that is severe enough to prevent you from taking the vacation that you’ve been eagerly awaiting.

You failed to purchase travel protection. So you just lost ALL of the money that you have invested into your dream trip!!

Obviously, you cannot predict the future to know what could possibly happen. You should consider looking at the money you have spent on your vacation as an investment. Protect this investment with travel protection. I cannot STRESS the importance of purchasing it!!!!

Travel protection is non-refundable and the coverage varies depending on the vendor. If using a travel agent, be sure to ask questions and that you have a clear understanding of what’s covered in the travel protection before booking your trip. If you are a frequent traveler, you can invest in travel protection that is offered by an independent company and pay a monthly or annual premium. You can conduct an internet search for the company that can best serve your travel needs.

Offer yourself peace of mind in the event you are not able to take your vacation at the scheduled time. Protect your investment with travel protection!!

I appreciate your support!!

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