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Traveler of the Month

January’s featured traveler of the month is Jay Noetic. I came to know Jay via Facebook although I’ve never met him in person. He is an author and has recently written a book titled: Noesis – Empowering The God Within You. This is a very good read by the way and it’s available on Amazon for purchase! He also hosts the podcast: All Tea, No Shade. I was able to catch up with and ask him his thoughts on travel!!

Pink Sky Dreams: To date, what’s been your favorite travel destination? What about this destination makes it your favorite?

Jay: To date, I’d have to say going to the US Virgin Islands of St. Thomas. The water is crystal clear and warm all year. The locals are super nice and most importantly is that you don’t need a passport to go. It’s a great weekend getaway trip.

Pink Sky Dreams: What do you love most about travel? What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Jay: What I love most is learning and respecting the different cultures in each place I travel to. Traveling really opens your eyes to so many things.

Pink Sky Dreams: Name something positive that you took away from your last travel adventure.

Jay: Something positive? That fun can be had without your friends there.

Pink Sky Dreams: Tell me about your favorite vacation picture and why it's your favorite.

Jay: I chose this picture because it was my first international trip and we went to Cuba. It's something I'll never forget.

Pink Sky Dreams: Which destination is currently at the top of your travel bucket list? What intrigues you about this destination?

Jay: I try to live for the year when traveling, so it's Panama City, Panama and I'm going for my birthday in February. I'm intrigued because I love the Latino culture, I love the Rain Forest, and I love seeing pretty women. Panama has all three!!

Here are a few of Jay's favorite vacation pictures:

I appreciate you again, Jay for agreeing to be my featured traveler of the month. Best wishes to you in all of your future endeavors and travels!!!

You can keep up with Jay on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: The Jay Noetic & All Tea, No Shade

Twitter: Jnoetic

IG: jay_noetic


I appreciate you all supporting my blog! You can keep up with me on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: Pink Sky Dreams

Facebook Group: Pink Skies Dream Travel

Twitter: psdreamsllc

IG: pinkskiesdreamtravel

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