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This month's featured traveler is Tanya Burks. Tanya is a member of my Facebook community. She is an avid traveler! Here's a little bit about Tanya.

For over 15 years she's dedicated a wealth of time and energy to supporting and showing up in the community. In June 2022, she established the nonprofit, Building A Giving Society (BAGS) to have a larger impact in the community. The mission of BAGS is to have a positive impact on underserved communities by fostering a spirit of giving. BAGS is focused on year-round efforts to support the community and specifically in the “off season” when assistance is needed the most.

BAGS will be providing Christmas gifts to five (5) families from the community in partnership with the Florence Crittenton School for Teen Moms and the Colorado Crisis Center.

You can find them on Facebook at or email them at

If you'd like to donate you can use the following handles:


Venmo: @BAGS365

Read below to learn more about Tanya's travels!!!

Pink Sky Getaway: To date, what’s been your favorite travel destination? What about this destination makes it your favorite?

Tanya: To date my favorite destination is South Africa. I traveled there years ago to visit a friend who was in the Peace Corps. I stayed for two and a half weeks. The trip was an amazing cultural experience. While there I visited Durban, Lesotho, Capetown and Johannesburg. We stayed at hostels and fancy hotels. We caught public transportation and had a private driver. We were in the small desert-like town of Lesotho and then traveled south to the beautiful beaches in Capetown. I was 25 and it's still one of the best adventures I've experienced.

Pink Sky Getaway: What do you love most about travel? What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Tanya: When I first started traveling it was more about getting away from my everyday life. I would be so excited to leave and dread coming home. Now, I love the opportunity to explore new cultures and cuisines.  I still see it as a getaway and it's always nice to have a trip planned and something to look forward to. However, I no longer dread coming home, instead love coming home knowing I'm a little different in my thinking and experience gained. Travel is fun and nice to change up my environment. I've lived in Denver for several years and have grown to love exploring the great outdoors. Now, depending on my travel companion(s), I try to fit in outdoor exploration when visiting a different state or when I'm out of the country. Travel partners are important. I've visited the same destination and had a totally different experience based on my travel companion. I have an appreciation for the differences between a baecation versus a girls trip, and know they are both needed!

Pink Sky Getaway: Name something positive that you took away from your last travel adventure?

Tanya: My last Adventure was a cruise to Alaska! Seeing glaciers that are over 250 years old, T Glacier Bay,  made me have a new appreciation for the beauty of the world and how much there is to see.

Pink Sky Getaway: Tell me about your favorite vacation picture and why it’s your favorite.

Tanya: My favorite vacation picture is from a girls trip to Mexico in 2022. It had been a rough year and my girls getaway was a breath of fresh air. In the picture I look truly happy and rejuvenated. It was one of my favorite go with the flow trips.

Pink Sky Getaway: Which destination is currently at the top of your travel bucket list? What intrigues you about this destination?

Tanya: Living in Colorado, I always look forward to visiting new beaches. I want to visit Greece! It looks like such a majestic place.

Here are a few pictures from Tanya's travels!

Thank you, Tanya for being the Pink Sky Featured Traveler for the month of December!

Would you like to be featured or know someone that should be featured? Contact us to nominate a traveler that should be featured!

Amy Hill

706 623 8274

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