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Hey there,

I'm Amy hill


The Travel Designer

I'm sure that you know by now that I love to travel!! I also love the planning aspect of travel. I'm kinda old school in that I still love to write out notes and such when planning my trips. The downfall to that was that I was writing notes from my research on whatever was lying around. I needed a way to keep my notes from my research all together in one place so that I could refer back to them to compare pricing and to make a final decision on my travel plans.

This is how I came up with the idea of the Travel Designer! I created this tool to as a way to keep all my research notes together, my travel list, my budget, and my journal all in one place!!

It's perfect for the DIY travel planner!! You are able to plan up to seven trips at once. This is beneficial for those that travel to multiple destinations in one year.

I also included a section with basic passport and visa information that may be helpful to those just starting out with their travel journey and are new to travel. It's packed with a lot of other helpful tools to help you plan your future travels!!!

Here are a few pictures of the Travel Designer:

Customer testimonials:

" The Travel Designer is the ultimate planning tool I’ve been looking for as I can finally write out all of my future travel plans and have them listed within The Travel Designer.  Also, it allows me to believe in my dream travels and to work at turning them into a reality.  I enjoy the quotes listed at the bottom of almost each page as it encourages and allows the reader to stay focus at planning out their travels.  The Travel Designer really challenges the reader to think in detail about every aspect of their travel plans and to consider everything from destination to budgeting tips to travel documentation to hotel accommodations.  I strongly recommend pro and novice travelers to pick up The Travel Designer to help them alleviate planning out their travel details all at once one category at a time." -Nicky from Nicky's Savory Travels

"At first I was a little intimidated by the size of the book. It seemed as if there was going to a lot of complicated work for me to complete. But after going to the designer travel instructions I felt much more reassured. The instructions are listed in an easy to read format and in simple language. I found it very easy to follow the instructions and move onto the next phase of planning my travel. I appreciated the inclusion of information about options for travel, from all inclusive, to first aid kits, to opening a line of credit. It takes a lot of the worry out of planning for a trip because I can cover a wide range of contingencies. As someone who gets anxiety when I travel, I really needed the planning tips. No matter how much I research, I realize I will not be able to plan for every single thing but this designer makes me feel better able to prepare. " Ayanna J.

You should order the Travel Designer to find out just how awesome it is for yourself!! I'd love to hear your feedback on it once you receive it.

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