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Traveler of the Month

The February traveler of the month is Dionne Allen. I met Dionne through the Single Wives Club via Facebook and then we had the opportunity to meet in person at an event hosted by the Singles Wives Club. Dionne is a travel agent and is the owner of Travel Rx Travel Agency: Your Prescription for Amazing Experiences. You can follow Dionne on Instagram and Facebook. Her handle is @mstravelrx. We are hosting a trip together to Turks & Caicos in October!! I was able to catch up with Dionne to get some insight on her experience with travel.

Pink Sky Dreams:

To date, what’s been your favorite travel destination? What about this destination make it your favorite?


I have too many! I would say that the trip that I surprisingly enjoyed the most was visiting a friend in Poland in 2013. It was an amazing friend's getaway. We stayed in Warsaw, visited Krakow, and spent a few days in Berlin, Germany. We had the best tour guides in Warsaw and Krakow and thoroughly enjoyed the historical visits. The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine is incredible and a must-visit if you visit Poland. Our visit to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp was quite emotional. I really admire the way other countries embrace their history instead of trying to hide their history. I also enjoyed the food, perogies are my friend. :)

Pink Sky Dreams:

What do you love most about travel? What is your favorite thing about travel?


I love travel because you're free to explore the world and step out of your comfort zone. My favorite thing about traveling is escaping from my daily routine and if I'm with a good travel buddy, laughter! I believe some of the best memories are created when traveling, especially when you travel with another person that equally enjoys the travel experience

Pink Sky Dreams:

Name something positive that you took away from your last travel adventure.

Dionne: My last travel adventure was on a Disney Cruise! First time on a Disney cruise and I wasn't sure what to expect, but Mickey & Friends bring out the kid in everyone. The cruise also stopped in Grand Cayman. I had my first experience at Stingray City Sand Bar...I was so nervous but pushed past my nerves to get up close and personal with the stingrays. My positive takeaway is that traveling always introduces new opportunities for adventure and you just have to get out there and do it, unconventional, scared or not!

Pink Sky Dreams:

Tell me about your favorite vacation picture and why it's your favorite.


I would have to say my best friend and best travel buddy and I swimming with the stingrays because we were laughing the whole time! Well, actually my best friend was laughing because I freaked out once I realized I was actually in the water with wild animals. :)

I boldly signed us up for the tour and was totally cool until we got to the sandbar and the tour guide said "stay here while I go catch a stingray"! Excuse me...

Pink Sky Dreams

Which destination is currently at the top of your bucket list? What intrigues you about this destination?


Hmmm...this is hard because there are so many destinations I haven't explored. Let's go with Bora Bora. I really enjoyed my trip to Hawaii years ago and educational exposure about French Polynesia has had me intrigued with with the area ever since.

Here are a few of Dionne's favorite vacation pictures:

I appreciate you Dionne for allowing me to get your insights on travel!! I'm looking forward to our upcoming trip!! I wish you the best on all of your future endeavors!!

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