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Traveler of the Month

This featured traveler of the month is John Shuler. John and I connected on FaceBook. He is a lover of travel and eventually became a moderator in my FaceBook group. I was able to chat with John about his love of travel. Check out the interview!

Pink Sky Dreams:

To date, what’s been your favorite travel destination? What about this destination make it your favorite?


Colombia because I love the Latin culture, and I really got a chance to experience the local culture instead of the typical tourist stuff.

Pink Sky Dreams:

What do you love most about travel? What is your favorite thing about traveling?


Experiencing new cultures, sights, and food. The getting there is my least favorite!

Pink Sky Dreams:

Name something positive that you took away from your last travel adventure.


On several occasions local Colombians approached me and called me family, acknowledging our shared African ancestry. 

Pink Sky Dreams:

Tell me about your favorite vacation picture and why it’s your favorite.


I would have to say one I took in Colorado. I was headed to the mountains to ride ATVs, and as we got to the top of the hill we had a collective GASP. The view was literally breathtaking, but the picture doesn't do it any justice.

Pink Sky Dreams:

Which destination is currently at the top of your travel bucket list? What intrigues you about this destination?


Bali. I'm really interested in the culture and it's such a beautiful place.

Here are a few of John's favorite vacation pictures! Thank you so much, John for taking the time to speak with me about your travels!

Thank you for reading and for your continued support!!

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